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Ever wondered why some people wear funky golf clothing to their golf games? We know that most looks, such as plaid trousers and golf hats, were adopted by golf players during the 1920s and 1930s, but why did they remain on the golf course? Is it to distract their competitors?

The Bob Hope look in terms of golf clothing - now known as the classic look - is now making a comeback on the links. Even teeners are scouring their grandfather's attics to retrieve some of these precious retro golf clothing items and make a statement on the golf course.

Because of the revival of funky and often loud golf clothing, several websites selling these outlandish pieces of golf clothing have cropped up. One such website is where you'll find trousers in powder blue, baby pink, crimson, azure blue, or large, loud checks.

Even women can take a stab at outrageous golf clothing. Can you dare wear hot pink or tartan golf trousers to the golf course?

Golf clothing fashion was given a revival when women entered the pro scene. They were too fashionable to be caught wearing boring men's golf clothing, and spectators began to take notice. These female pro players not only were great at their swing; they also knew how to look chic on the green.

So much so that John Galliano, house designer for Dior, readily designed a whole line of funky golf clothing and golf accessories. He came out with his exclusive line of off-the-wall golf clothing and golf accessories, even as he has never played a game of golf his entire life.

If you're the laid back type, you can opt for fashionable golf clothing that's a little less loud. offers designer pieces in lush and earth colors, and it's easy to shop at their online store.

You can search items by gender (all, men's, or ladies'), by type (shirts, shoes, tops, caps, bottoms, belts, knits, outerwear, pants, tops, and tees), by size, and by brand. They have an impressive lineup of designers and brand names for the whatever style of trendy golf clothing you have in mind.

For men, there's Q'aja, Pringle, tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Ralph Lauren, Original Penguin and J. Lindeberg, while for women they have Peak Performance, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, J. Lindeberg, and Pringle.

If you search hard enough, you can find great discounts online on apparel you wouldn't have thought of buying previously because of their steep prices. One example of a site that offers golf clothing at slashed rates is Here, you'll find Tiger Woods items at a few dollars off, sometimes even at 50% off. A TW visor that retails at $21, for instance, can be had at $18.95. There are other brands available, too. A Nike Golf Ladies Dri-Fit Mesh Cool Cap is sold at $9.95 instead of the regular $20 as a closing-out offer.

They have a comprehensive showcase of almost 20 brands that you can choose from, and these are brands that even the pros wear on the circuit. Don't forget to click on "Warehouse Closeouts" to find the best deals. If you're looking for broken sizes, which are extra large or extra small, you can actually find wonderful pieces at more than half off.

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