Golf Clothing

Golf clothing

Your golf clothing is one of the essential things to consider when playing golf. In the recent years, golfers are more aware that exposure to the sun for long hours would cost skin ageing and sunburn due to ultra violet ray exposures. UV radiation affects the skin's melanin, carotene, oxygenate, hemoglobin, thickness and water content of the skin which can lead to damage or acute chronic skin disease. Using the proper kind of golf clothing will minimize the skin damage that the ultra violet sun rays cause.

Nowadays, the new objective of textile finishing in golf clothing is to give protection against the solar radiation to the skin, since the textile that are used before does not always guarantee adequate protection. There is an increase interest concerning the textures of golf clothing in the field of protection against ultra violet radiation. Golf players are suffering from harmful exposure to ultra violet rays through natural radiation that it is necessary to protect them by using high quality golf clothing which prevents the sun's harmful rays to penetrate the skin. The ultra violet protection factor UPF is widely use by Textile Company in the production of golf clothing were fibers can give a good shield to the skin. The important elements are the knitted fabric, fiber types, yarns color, weight , thickness, textile impregnation, optical brighter and ultraviolet absorber use in the golf clothing have a great influence in the protection from ultraviolet transmittance.

The golf clothing textile has flexible materials that consist of natural or artificial fiber that often referred to as thread or yarn. There are variety of fabrics such as cotton, velvet, printed cotton, calico, satin, silk, felt, hessian, polycotton which are primarily used in the production of golf clothing. These textiles are fibers being press together by way of crocheting, knotting, weaving, knitting and is called synthetic, which material is first and foremost used in golf clothing. Polyester is also a kind of fabric use in golf clothing that has the characteristic of ultra violet ray cutting and cooling properties which can give warmth retention, high density windproof, comfortable stretch, perspiration-absorbing and quick-drying for the active sportswear and outdoor wear like golf clothing. Another fabric use in the manufacturing of golf clothing is nylon. Its traits are more for outdoor wear and windbreaker for this material is noiseless, high density, lightweight, soft touch, high moisture permeability and waterproof. Lastly the most famous fabric use is Spandex , the elastic fiber that can be added lengthwise, crosswise or both directions in both knits and woven, this combination of fiber will allow freedom of movement and comfort while looking neat and trim in the golf course.

Being under the sun is always a part of the golfer's life and the use of ultra violet blocking fabrics on once golf clothing can provide excellent protection against the hazards of sunlight. It is important to choose the proper golf clothing that will not only give good look and feels comfortable, but also protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.