Golf Clothing

Golf clothes

Golf clothes are now a booming industry due to the increased interest of people on the sport. In Edinburgh, Scotland during the early 1456 A.D., golf became famous as sports for men. Today, this sport is popular for both men and women. Playing golf has been the most popular past time for decades. Golf clothing was not as important as they were years ago. At present, the confident golfers knows how to act and dress on the golf course. In playing golf, there are no specific rules in golf clothing that is used on the course, although most country clubs and private clubs have strict standards on golf clothes. Clubs would forbid wearing Denim jeans, trainers, and shirts without collar, shorts and sleeveless shirts for men. Ladies are not allowed to wear shorts or even trousers at the golf course. The golf clothes used by players vary from club to club and from country to country. Wearing the correct golf clothes is considered a sign of respect for the members of the club and for the great ancient game of golf.

A lot of Golfers focus more on improving their handicap and they often forget that the clothing they use is very important too. Golf clothes are one of the most overlooked aspects by players wherein they forget remembering that golf has a playing time from two and a half to five hours in the golf course, with players twisting and bending their bodies. Golfers should make sure that what they wear is comfortable, along with functional clothing to help them achieve their goals. The texture and quality of golf clothes are essential in giving a totally free movement to the various parts of the body, which is a key in ensuring a winning shot on the course.

The golf player needs to make certain that his golf clothes fit his body and that it won't interfere with the game. In buying golf clothes, one should try the item on or give the correct measurement when asking somebody to buy for them. The golf clothes must allow a full range of motion in squatting, bending and twisting. Body skimming golf clothes cut are fine but should not be constrictive. There are different sizes and different styles, so it is important to try them on in several different sizes to be able to find the right golf clothes that fit perfectly for the golfer. There is no logic in being dressed in the twentieth century if the player does not feel comfortable in his clothes and therefore cannot hit the golf ball well.

In playing golf, the weather can change at any time, so it is better to be ready by having enough extra golf clothes to keep the body warm and dry, for cold limbs and joints are the worst enemy of golfers. It is also good to wear several layers of golf clothes that can be peel off in dramatic change of weather conditions. Finally, a good choice of golf clothes will greatly affect the physical and psychological aspect of a good player in the comfort and confidence in playing golf.