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Any sport, regardless of what it is, will come with its own equipment and kit that are required to properly participate in the sport. Such equipment maybe required so as to ensure safety, or is a vital component in the execution of the activity, and golf is no exception to either of these although the important thing with golf clothing is that it serves as a practical as well as aesthetic value. A common mistake committed by both amateurs and golfing veterans alike is that they grossly underestimate the importance of proper golf clothing given the highly demanding and competitive nature of golf, having every possible odd in your favour is essential to victory. You read correctly, golf clothing can improve your golf games, and whilst golf clothing is no substitute for hard work, commitment, and skill, it can certainly give you an advantage.

Given that golf is typically played outside, this means that you are exposed to the elements, and the most deadly of these to the success of a golf game is the sun. More than an irritating presence felt on the back of the neck, the sun significantly reduces clarity of vision and makes assessing the distances and angle of a golf shot all the more difficult. The sun's UV rays also pose a major risk to the long term health of the skin; the levels of radiation present in the UV rays have been scientifically proven to bring on the risks of skin cancer and other skin conditions. Note these dangerous rays do not only apply to very bright and sunny days when the sun is in full attendance, but in days when cloud cover is quite heavy.

Therefore, one of the most crucial items of golf clothing you can ever invest in is a decent hat, not only will a hat protect your eyes from the effects of the sun and allow you to aim a shot more effectively, but will also protect your skin as well.

Another essential item of golf clothing is good quality spiked shoes, golfing shoes are no different to normal shoes, in that you should make sure that they are a snug fit, not too tight and not too loose and are generally comfortable for walking in. Golf is a sport which uses the legs and feet as much as, if not more than the arms and hands so make sure that you invest in solid shoes. As a wise man once said

"If our feet hurt, we ache all over."

Be aware of the various rules concerning shoes whenever you go for golfing on a course, some golfing courses do not allow certain types of spiked shoes due to the damage they cause to the grounds. As a worst case scenario you maybe refused entry, so save yourself the hassle and embarrassment of being turned away.

Next up on the list of must have golf clothing items is golfing gloves, more than just a fashionable vanity, golfing gloves are vital to ensure that the player is able to maintain a proper and secure grip of the club and allow them to swing it more effectively. Often an overlooked item of golf clothing the value of golf gloves becomes more apparent when a player goes to take a vital shot, only to have the club slip away due to sweaty palms. Golf is a game that centralises around the use of the hands, and so golfing gloves should be top on the list of golf clothing items. In comparison to all golf clothing options, golf gloves are without a doubt the kinds that offer the most range of choice, with an extensive selection of male and female products. Golf clothing has evolved to suit the needs of consumers, and golfing gloves are the epitome of the marked sophistication of the golf clothing industry, and now many golf gloves are specifically designed to accommodate any rings and similar jewellery worn by women.

Golf clothing accessories do not come quite as varied as golf gloves, and with all sorts of colours and materials to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Golf clothing should allow you to feel comfortable and move freely, and to best achieve this, make sure that the clothes are measured precisely. Why not have custom made, made to fit golf clothing, whatever it maybe? Rather than a fanciful, garish luxury, it is an essential investment and one which will ensure that you enjoy yourself on the golf green.

When it comes to clothing in general, people tend to focus more on looks and fashion value as opposed to function or practicality and this becomes a particular problem in the context of golf clothing. Golf clothing however is quite restricted, not only in terms of the need to adhere to function as well as design, but also to ensure that you adhere to the rules of the golf green. Golf clothing is a bone of contention with some golf courses, and they are very strict and quick to enforce their rules concerning what they perceive to be suitable golf clothing.

It is usually best to choose clothes that are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics - especially if you mainly play in cold weather conditions. Of course manufacturers of golf apparel are aware of this requirement, and so it shouldn't be too difficult to find clothing like this.

Golf is a game of accessories and given the equipment you will need to carry about, as well the various other sundries you will need such as golf balls, golf tees and divots, you may want golf clothing which is spacious enough or has the capacity to hold such items comfortably. Nothing worse than walking around for 4 miles with a golf divot digging into the meat of your thigh! Sure, we all want to look our best and make a good impression that is human nature. Just make sure you do not become so caught up with looks that you forget about the practicalities of playing golf.

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