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Golf Clothing Essentials

Golf equipment, once they're bought, need not be replenished frequently - except for golf balls or tees, though. However, when it comes to golf clothing, a serious golfer must have the basics and probably need to buy replacements every six months or so.

Golf clothing includes shoes, slacks or trousers, shorts, shirts, vests, sweaters, base layers, socks, and caps or hats. Various brands carry lines of golf clothing for men and women and we recognize them by their distinctive logos. You'll need different golf clothing for various weather types, so before you go off on a golfing trip, you need to know how the weather is out there.

This is because you should know when to pack base layers or sweaters, for instance, if nippy weather is expected at the golf course. However, whatever the weather, you'll always need to bring your visor, cap, or hat to keep the sun away from your eyes.

Golf caps are made from solid, usually neutral, colors. Most are simple and only bear the logo of the manufacturer in front. The prices for caps range from a few dollars to about $25 for top-of-the-line signature caps.

Most golf clothing items are distinctive from daily wear, because special material is used for golf shirts, such as those under the Tiger Woods label. These golf clothing items have special Dri-FIT moisture-wicking performance technology, are made of jersey/jacquard knits, as well as cotton.

A base layer is a golf clothing item that can provide great protection during cold days on the links. This is golf clothing especially engineered to regulate your body heat, and the fabric it is made of not only provides you with thermal protection but also transports moisture properly to make you feel ultra-comfortable during cold weather.

The material for Under Armour golf clothing, for instance, is made of 19% PolyArmour, 66% Nylour, and 15% Elastene. These apparel have close and supportive fits that keep you in comfort while others shirk away from the punishing climate.

Those on Tours cannot wear shorts, although they can be worn as golf clothing when the boys decide to have an 18-holer in an afternoon. Ladies, though, are always allowed to wear shorts or "skorts" on the green. Popular brands for this golf clothing items include Callaway, Fila, Adidas, Stromberg, and Ashworth.

Most golf clothing items are scientifically designed to give you good fit, comfort, and effective sweat absorption. Even the socks used for golf, such as those with the FootJoy brand, are made with Dri-Lex Moisture Control technology. This design keeps moisture away from your feet to make you feel extra comfortable during a game.

They are also designed to be flexible yet firm, are lightweight, and are usually sold as one-size-fits-all.

Find all the golf clothing and accessories you need online. Just go to a particular site and choose the categories under clothing - there are different items for men, women, and children. Compare the prices of various items and choose those that offer the lowest prices and guaranteed shipment terms.

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